“Universal Library” is NEW AND NOTABLE

Hi! I have news: this wonderful synthesizer music compilation curated, mixed, and released by Andrew Horton on his label Good Glass Records is rightly recognized as “New and Notable” on Bandcamp!

Many of you know Andrew and I don’t have to tell you about his obsession/passion for shining light on the darkest, weirdest corners of music ancient and contemporary. He got me off my fainting couch to record a song for this comp, and I’m very proud to be in the company I’m in with my song, “The Dodo of Lacon.”

Head over to Bandcamp and take a listen, or just go hog wild and immediately click purchase on a copy of Universal Library. You only live once!


Content update: after some troubs, I figured out a decent way of presenting my first big post for this blog and am now just dealing with how darn slow and out of practice I am at writing. I promise, it’s coming soon! Thank you for reading as always.

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