Top 200 songs of the 2000s: 200-151

This should be subtitled “(that were on Spotify)”. It’s by no means definitive or complete, even according to my personal preference. None of Jay-Z’s good 00s records are on Spotify, and as much as my kneejerk reaction was, “Good. To hell with Jay-Z,” no account of what I liked at the time or what I still like now would be truly whole without him. Boris’ “Smile”, one of my favorite albums of the decade, is missing. “What You Can’t See Is” by Cryptacize, “Cop Shot” by Dead Prez, “I Live In A Trailer Park” by Everything, Now!, Clipse – “We Got It 4 Cheap Volume 2″… Whither goest Bunky?

I do, however, feel better about this than any list I could have made in 2009. We’re inevitably prisoners of one moment or another. Some things age better than others (Guess what? “Hey Ya” is pretty irritating!). These are not the songs that have “stood the test of time” because the test of time often passes complete crap, and because the test of time is never truly over, until we’re dead. What I can say is that 10 years of perspective have made the choosing of what songs go here a little less arbitrary. I said, “A little.”

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