Your Mother Should No

One day, close to Mother’s Day, I suggested I might cover a song of my mom’s choosing. I meant, like, to learn and perform one time. She thought I meant to record. A misunderstanding I knew could lead me down a path that ended in her getting jack squat from her son, but one I thought it  cheesy to correct. What the heck, I still know how to record things, maybe! A month later, feeling the old familiar sensation of quicksand around my ankles, I extended the same offer to my dad. He sent me a list of songs; the end result, I am positive, of hours upon HOURS spent on the iTunes store, which he still uses. I’m pretty sure you must defeat the Capra Demon to purchase anything on there these days though.

Anyway, [REDACTED] later, here is what I did, or the part of it I felt like sharing. I never envisioned this as a place to post my music, but I also didn’t think there would be any music to post, and to the extent this website exists for any reason at all anymore, it might as well be that.


  1. Nice renditions, and song choices for that matter. If I had asked my parents for this I would have received four songs by Celine Dion and four by John Cougar Mellencamp.

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