This should be subtitled “(that were on Spotify)”. It’s by no means definitive or complete, even according to my personal preference. None of Jay-Z’s good 00s records are on Spotify, and as much as my kneejerk reaction was, “Good. To hell with Jay-Z,” no account of what I liked at the time or what I still like now would be truly whole without him. Boris’ “Smile”, one of my favorite albums of the decade, is missing. “What You Can’t See Is” by Cryptacize, “Cop Shot” by Dead Prez, “I Live In A Trailer Park” by Everything, Now!, Clipse – “We Got It 4 Cheap Volume 2″… Whither goest Bunky?

I do, however, feel better about this than any list I could have made in 2009. We’re inevitably prisoners of one moment or another. Some things age better than others (Guess what? “Hey Ya” is pretty irritating!). These are not the songs that have “stood the test of time” because the test of time often passes complete crap, and because the test of time is never truly over, until we’re dead. What I can say is that 10 years of perspective have made the choosing of what songs go here a little less arbitrary. I said, “A little.”

Hi! I have news: this wonderful synthesizer music compilation curated, mixed, and released by Andrew Horton on his label Good Glass Records is rightly recognized as “New and Notable” on Bandcamp!

Many of you know Andrew and I don’t have to tell you about his obsession/passion for shining light on the darkest, weirdest corners of music ancient and contemporary. He got me off my fainting couch to record a song for this comp, and I’m very proud to be in the company I’m in with my song, “The Dodo of Lacon.”

Head over to Bandcamp and take a listen, or just go hog wild and immediately click purchase on a copy of Universal Library. You only live once!


Content update: after some troubs, I figured out a decent way of presenting my first big post for this blog and am now just dealing with how darn slow and out of practice I am at writing. I promise, it’s coming soon! Thank you for reading as always.

L-R: Kate, Jack, Juliet, Sayid, Locke, Hurley, Michael, and Walt

I’ve been re-watching LOST with someone who’s never seen it before. It’s been a wonderful experience so far. There are episodes where the plot spins in place and plot lines that were interrupted by the real lives of the show’s actors, but the rug-pulls are just as effective as ever. Again I watch that world expand, then contract, then explode and now I can relate to Desmond Hume jumping around in time. I am 38 years old and time’s passage is like to me a rubber band at the limit of its elasticity. The slack expanse from 1999 to 2009 when Quentin Tarantino was taking forever to come out with Kill Bill or it felt like Radiohead would never release the follow-up to Ok Computer has tensed into a tightrope on which I am still putting off a favor I was supposed to do in 2014 for a friend I no longer speak to and I think of Django Unchained as the “new” Tarantino movie.

If the last few years are any indication, I’m being yanked back, blessed or cursed to re-experience and re-evaluate what comprised both popular culture, and my own local, sometimes singularly personal, culture.

Since childhood, I have experienced my most profound moments of transcendence through music. Yet even in those instances of transcendence, I am insatiably searching and not finding. At its best, music offers a transcendence that hints at something beyond itself. I felt, and still often feel that if I look hard enough, I can see it. That if I can find the right band, get into the right style of music, discover the perfect song, it would unlock something inside me. And then, presumably, I would become Rodimus Prime.

And the perfect song was right here all along anyway

I say all that to say welcome to my new music blog. My primary goal is to publicize and share playlists I make on spotify with friends new and old. Join me as time snaps me back through the haze of years in search of transcendence and what lies beyond.

I’m also a degenerate list maker, so the first thing I will share here are the 200 best songs of the 2000s, according to me. So much is not streaming as of this writing, and much of it never will be, but hopefully it gives you a picture. One of the effects of time’s rubber band is that in 2009, it felt way too soon to be talking about the best music of that decade. Maybe it’s time now? Look for parts 1 and 2 of that soon. In the meantime, thanks for reading!