One day, close to Mother’s Day, I suggested I might cover a song of my mom’s choosing. I meant, like, to learn and perform one time. She thought I meant to record. A misunderstanding I knew could lead me down a path that ended in her getting jack squat from her son, but one I […]

2009. ten years since i graduated high school, a quaint anniversary i marked by being performatively apathetic. the end of the first decade of the 21st century. which for reasons that had more to do with the desire to mythologizeĀ something than anything mythical itself, i felt momentous. this dubstep/pop/EDM/IDM-adjacent playlist has some songs from that […]

I really don’t go in for “cat culture” at all, but Bub was different, as anyone who ever met her knows. Lil Bub was a special creature, but what really made Lil Bub such an anomaly of purity and goodness in the skeevy world of famous internet animals was that her owner, Mike Bridavsky is […]

I’ve been re-watching LOST with someone who’s never seen it before. It’s been a wonderful experience so far. There are episodes where the plot spins in place and plot lines that were interrupted by the real lives of the show’s actors, but the rug-pulls are just as effective as ever. Again I watch that world […]